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     Best Man Movers was founded ten years ago by Ricky Perry. He was young teenager with plenty of ambition! At the Age of 15, he realized that there's only one bright promising future that will never end as long as you always give 110% effort,and that's creating your own path.
      Even before this age he used go door to door in his neighborhood with his father's lawnmower cutting their grass at a minimum set fee just to keep money in his pocket. When he turned fifthteen he also realized there had to a better way to earn a more stable income. So he immediately began to surf the internet for other entrepreneurship opportunities. Then thankfully he stumbled across a labor only moving website called  He began to sign up for free that same night. When his first moving job came through he was overwhelmely excited!! Not only was he his own boss, he also got a chance to help his first customer move successfully. 
​     {{{Even on his first day he was born natural,he made the task at hand look very simple and he just knew it was his God-given gift to move every family he encountered successfully!!!}}} Over the next ten years he began to harness his talent and mold it into something that will last forever! Over that time span he acquired his license as well got his company bonded and insured, bought a couple of beautiful Best Man Movers Trucks which are professionally designed by him.
        He has several exceptioncally well-trained employees that has been with his company for years and years. He believes that in order to deliver a high-level of customer satisfaction he must personally train and mold each an every one of his employees for years and years in the image of himself, that's why Best Man Movers is a small well trusted family-own business that knows moving better then the back of their hands!

      Ricky always says, "You can't rush greatness because that equals failure"! He absolutely loves meeting, greeting and helping all the wonderful families out there relocate successfully, there's no better feeling to him than seeing a stress-free client smile before, during and after their move because him in his company delivered a great service!!!

Fun Fact: Ricky came up with this name Best Man Movers because he truly believes that he is one of the Best Movers In The World!

He also came up with the slogan because he believes that every moving job is very special to his clients similar to their wedding day! So Ricky and company treats his clients personal belongings with extensive care!!!

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Best Man Movers Inc.

   6126 Waterton way


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